Kid Quo- Qualitative Urban



X.O, Pro'verb, and Lyriciss "Go Hard" I love the dmv man we betta than erybody else and they keep lookin past us. but fuck that 09 is our year. this track is too official!!!!! had to share it with yall 

Charles Hamilton-Pretty Brown Eyes

This man is doin his on the play button check this joint out

S hut

U p

A nd

P ay

A ttention


Just a lil glimpse of the future...My nigga Track

OMEGA!!!!!! 09 is mine

"Hip Hop It Started Out in The Park"

So we at the Hip Hop In The Park committee plan on taking it back to its origins, with the first anual Hip Hop In The Park festival.  Events included will be a Dj battle, a freestyle battle, and local mc's performing original songs.  Also included will be poets performing original poems and a live band.  This will truly be an historic event.  Any artist interested in participating in the freestyle battle, dj battle, doing some spoken word, or showing off some art  send a video or recording of youself rapping or reciting your poem or a pic of ur art  to with your contact info and we'll get in contact with you. location will be revealed at a later date.

Interested in participating in Hip Hop In The Park